About Me

Jali Brister was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Jali’s journey to becoming a licensed massage therapist was guided by his passion to help others and his drive to help improve his clients’ overall health through massage. Jali is a graduate of the renowned Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, and received his degree in Occupational Studies. Jali’s sessions are client-centered and with his ever growing knowledge of the human body, he uses the therapeutic and relaxation practices of Western and Eastern massage to decrease swelling caused by injury or strains, reduce pain, aid in the proper alignment of new scar tissue formation, increase range of motion, increase circulation, relieve postural distortions, and relieve tension from stress. Jali has worked on athletes at various sporting events which include Westchester Triathalon and Toughman Half Ironman, offering post-event sport massage to the participants.

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